May 23

We spent yesterday driving to the different trail heads so Burton could see if he could get our rig to us or if not we would have to pack in. Mount Taylor was our intended start first having to cross the horse access obstacle the Forest Service installed to keep 4 wheelers out



and then climbing a thousand feet in no time and enjoying the views.


We traveled over wonderful Horace Mesa were the flowing fields seemed to go on forever.  

The views continued to impress and signs of wildlife were everywhere. The tread was good, although rocky in spots and we enjoyed our trip to La Mosca Canyon where Burton was to set up camp with our trailer and Sandy would sleep on our fold down couch. The camp site was glorious! Sitting on top of the mountain we had views in all directions and the horses were sheltered in a cove of trees. Burton had everything ready and we just rode up and unsaddled.  The horses rested easily blanketed from the cold wind and eating hay. Sandy insisted on sleeping on the couch without pulling it out and she looked like she couldn’t possibly sleep with no more room then she had, but we all finally settled in feeling how luck we were to be able to enjoy such a dramatic and scenic setting.

We were up and tacked up by 8 and hit the trail to cover what I thought was 15 or so miles. After a few miles we crossed a very familar looking road but we continued on thinking that Burton was many miles on down the trail. 20 miles later we knew something was wrong....indeed that familar road was where Burton was to meet us ( I had misread the map!) and we had to back track and hope he was still there. Not only was he there but he had camp all set up as usual, but Sandy realized she had lost her camera. So once again poor Megan with Sandy astride took off down the trail for the third time hopfully to find her camera! Luckily, it was only 8 or so miles back. Camp was beautiful with tall pines and some graze for the horses. You could tell many people had camped here before but this night we were the only ones (except for a few cows.)