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With Issy back to true form we head out to try to cover the trail we had to leave in such a hurry.  The dirt road with it’s rocks, dust and scrub board bumps was more than annoying and we were relieved to get back to the corrals where both horses settled right in. The weather was over cast and a bit stormy looking and we hadn’t heard about any serious storms but we prepared for the worst by having the trailers ready to put the horses back in if there was freezing rain. We spent the night on guard and saddled up early to ride on the southern part of a new section that wasn’t even on the maps yet but was good tread and very lovely. Getting back it looked ominous again.

Well, how about snow? The snow came down and covered the ground with a light layer of white which gave the whole area a fresh wonderful look. The only bad look was on Sandy’s face since she was worried about the cold and now the snow. We made it through the night and I still felt like riding but Sandy opted out since it was still cold and looked like it would snow more. I  took the trailer up trail for about 5 miles and unloaded Issy and rode off on a brand new section of trail which was almost all ridge line with vistas on both side. The snow or rather sleet came down but only lightly and just made the ride that much more interesting.



  Back at the trailer Sandy had given her trailer a good cleaning but I cautioned her that the sleet had caused the poor road to deteriorate and that we better get out immediately since any more moisture would have made the road impassable. We headed out with me having to use 4 wheel drive on several of the inclines, covering the trailer and truck with brown mud so thick that it seemed to weigh the whole rig down!

We arrived back at the rodeo grounds and were treated like long lost friends! Burton had agreed to drive from Mena to help us get our trailers moved since the rest of the state was a logistic nightmare in that regards and being at the rodeo grounds was easy access for him right off of I 40. Since he was due in 2 days we decide to take the rigs to Bluewater Lake about 20 miles west of Grants and enjoy the different area there. Staying at Bluewater RV Lodge and camping we were just outside the gate of the lake and the riding was spectacular and certainly not what either of us expected! We rode down into a canyon, along a wonderful creek shaded by the canyon walls and lined with green grass. So different from the dry arid south!