Heading out!

Leaving Arkansas and all the tornadoes behind for our husbands to deal with!



Ten miles south of Hachita, New Mexico.

Where's that?

The kind of sign we will "hopefully" see along the way!

Starting the journey we will be accompanied by Sandy B. and her fine mare Megan. 

"Megan is a mare with a mind of her own!  She backs her ears at everyone and most everything .. just like her mother used to do.  Unless, of course, it is feed!  But, like her mom, her bark is worse than her 'bite'! 
Megan is an 8 yr old appaloosa.  Born on our little hill in Royal, Arkansas. Her registered name is Clabber Lady!  Her sire was Zebs Clabber Buck.  Better known as 'Doc'.  A fine looking quarter horse who's job was roping.  Her dam was Major Majorette, (Pebbles) who spent her early life in the show ring.  I might tell you also that her grand sire was Go Man Go, a well known  racing horse.
 When trail riding Megan really steps out.  She is always looking .. but not spooking.  She reminds me of someone 'on a mission'.  She has to find the end of the trail! 
She has logged many miles.  But the next weeks or months will be a challenge for her.  Can she stand up to the test of the CDT?  Can I?  We will soon find out!"